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Waste wood from
UK sources only
What are the Logs made of ?
Kiln dried wood waste (shavings & sawdust) from timber processing & manufacturing operations.

Any type of wood?
Yes any kiln dried hard or soft wood can be used.

Is any treated Pine (CCA) or MDF (Formaldehyde) impregnated timber used?
Absolutely not.

Are any rainforest timbers used?
Absolutely not.

Does Hardwood make a better log than Softwood?
Not at all. It is cellulose (or carbon) that is being burnt and cellulose is common in all timber species. The key issue is how densely the cellulose is packed (compressed). Therefore a log can be made from Pine (a low density softwood) that when compacted and subjected to high temperature will form a log that will burn like Ash or any hardwood.

How dense are the logs?
Approx. 1,100kg/m3. This means they will sink in water!

Are there any glues, chemicals or binders used to hold the logs together?
Absolutely None what so ever. Therefore they are completely safe to use when preparing food on BBQ's.

What holds the logs together?
Just pressure and temperature created by friction as the log is extruded (pressed) from the die. The friction causes a temperature increase, which heats the residual moisture in the timber. The heated moisture in turn softens the lignins & gums in the timber thus binding the material together.

What is the glaze on the outside of the log?
A combination of the gums in the timber being squeezed to the outer surface of the log which are then polished as the material is extruded through the die.

What pressure are the logs subject to during manufacture?
80 tonnes/square inch.

How long will each log burn for?
Under normal circumstances, when burnt in an open fireplace with some form of damper, approx. 1 hour. Longer, if burnt in a wood heater that has airflow adjustment controls.

How dry are the logs?
Extremely dry. Each log has only 6% or 9% moisture, split firewood may have in excess of 20% retained moisture.

Why is dryness important?
The drier the timber, the cleaner and hotter the burn and the lower the particulate emissions. Eco-Logs have approximately 1/3 of the moisture content of split Fir, even after the Fir has been air dried for over 1 year.

Are the logs easy to light?
Yes. Because they are very dry. The logs can be easily broken up into smaller sections or used in conjunction with, either kindling or a firelighter.

How do they burn?
Very hot and very clean. Therefore lower particulate emissions. Note: The logs will actually expand slightly when burning and this aids combustion.

Why do they expand?
Because they have "memory". When they are placed in a fire, the heat acts to relieve the "stress" that was imparted to them as they were being compacted in the die.

Do they leave much ash?
No. They burn away to produce only 0.4% ash! Therefore very little cleaning up.

Do they produce coals?
Yes. Nice hot coals.

Do they produce flames?
Yes. They burn with flames as any other timber would burn.

Do they spark?
No. Therefore the logs are very safe to use in open fireplaces where polished floors and carpets may be in close proximity.

Can they be used in BBQ's?
Yes, the logs can be used in any fireplace, wood heater, combustion stove or BBQ.

How are they sold?
By the pallet in 63 x 15 kg bags or half pallets in 30 x 15kg bags

Are there any special precautions that are required when using them?
No. They are completely safe to use and handle and should be used and handled as one would treat any other piece of firewood.

How should they be stored?
Inside or under cover. The logs must never be exposed to moisture or allowed to get wet as they contain no additives or chemicals to prevent moisture ingress

Anything else I should know are an all British waste wood product that is simply clean, dry sawdust and shavings that have been mechanically compressed to form a solid Briquette. Many briquettes are either imported, some coming from as far afield as Malaysia, or are made using felled trees that are chipped green and then kiln dried, so using even more fossil fuels.



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